Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gracias Jalapenos

I have professed my love for the taco in a previous post that's why I'll just be general here and shout out my extreme love for Mexican food in general. Aside from Mexico, the next best place to get authentic Mexican cuisine is the U.S. and I just happened to find myself there the other day. We stopped by this little family owned restaurant called Jalepenos and decided to go with the lunch special. The place started piling in with people pretty quickly and I soon realized it was 12pm, happy hour at Jalapenos and that means $3 Margheritas. Personally I was leaning towards the Tequila sampler, 6 half shots of various tequilas, it comes with limes too. Alas, my self control won this battle and I opted for an O'Douls, that's okay I was here for the food.

Between the two of us we shared a chicken taco, a chicken chalupa, a beef tamale and a chicken enchilada with green sauce, both came with rice and beans. Outstanding is all I can really say about this meal. I won't even pretend and tell you that I'm planning on attempting to figure these recipes out. It's impossible, a complete waste of my time for this kind of cooking comes from generations, it's in the blood, it would be disrespectful for me to even try.

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