Saturday, January 3, 2009

Celebration Time, C'mon!

I spend a lot of time talking about my boyfriend around here. He is a huge part of helping me with this blog. He takes all of the photos and of course is my #1 taste tester. So, like I said, I talk a lot about my boyfriend. Given that, I thought I would share with you all that I won't be talking about my boyfriend for another minute. Not even one more second. I refuse. From now on I'll be talking about my FIANCE! Yes indeed, a certain someone (not me) proposed at midnight on New Years Eve and I am officially engaged! After six years together and many, many meals later, we are going to tie the knot. What was the first thing I thought of when thinking of the wedding you ask? The dress,, it was what are we going to serve?! So, here's where all of you come in to you have any great ideas for creative and fun wedding dishes? I would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers to all of you and cheers to love and food. Whoo Hoo!

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aprilbapryll said...

Congratulations! I think I've made comments about your "husband" here before, so soon I'll actually be right when I say it!

Greg Turner said...


My sister had an afternoon wedding, and at the reception served all manner of finger foods. It made for a very relaxed atmosphere, and there was certainly enough food so all people felt fed without having to sit at tables with folks they didn't know or really like.

~Madeline~ said...

Thanks April! I think Husband is going to sound sooo much better than "boyfriend" :)

Thanks so much Greg...I think that's where I'm leaning. Finger foods are a great idea! Besides, never mind the guests, I don't really want to sit at a table with people I don't like. Haha! I kid :) (not really)

Lo said...

Congrats, my dear! So glad to hear the happy news.

Can't wait to hear about all the planning. And the food!

Nate-n-Annie said...


I saw a recipe out there in the blogosphere of a deconstructed caprese salad. It was grape tomatoes and small mozzarella balls on small skewers and lying in a thin sheen of balsamic vinegar. Could be a nice appetizer for your wedding.

Dragon said...


~Madeline~ said...

Thanks Lo! Let me know when you're sick of hearing about it :)

Nat n Annie, that is a great idea! I especially like the thought of the balsamic vinegar ( I am CRAZY for it!), and so simply delicious.

Thanks Dragon :)

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