Monday, October 4, 2010

Cheers to Ome

I have spoken of my husband's Ome, who was essentially my own, many times and this evening Ome passed away. Naturally we're all in a world of grief. I will always be indebted to her for taking me under her wing and teaching me all of her tricks and tips. I will be forever grateful for her beautiful love, laughter and wisdom. Once I actually process the whole thing, be prepared to be be bombarded with perogies, borscht and cherry soup. Rest in Peace Ome.

This is from 2007:
My boyfriend's Grandmother whom everyone calls Ome is the true inspiration behind my love of cooking. Her name is Meta and not only is she absolutely amazing, her cooking is legendary. Before I met Ome I had heard many stories about the cellar she kept full of fruits and vegetables, that she grew in the garden and then canned for winter every year. Everything Ome has ever served has been homemade and she serves the best food I have ever eaten. The first time I met her we went to her house for dinner. I didn't know what to expect because I had heard so many stories of what you can only imagine to be Superwoman! She was 80ish at that time, surely one has to slow down at some time, right? Was I ever naive.....I remember that dinner like it was yesterday and I'll never forget the aroma that wafted out the door upon our arrival.

The spread that night was: cabbage rolls, roast chicken, saurkraut, borscht, blueberry perogies and potato dumplings, all from scratch and it was without a doubt the best dinner I've ever had. Keep in mind, this is just normal for Ome, she does this all the time, flawlessly. Before I met Ome I never cooked, I was the take-out queen but I came away from that dinner with a whole new appreciation for food. It's safe to say that meeting Ome changed my life, I didn't know I had a passion for cooking inside of me before that night. That dinner unleashed a fire from within me, one that has made everyday since totally fulfilling and content. If only everyone had the luxury of meeting this lovely, strong and truly inspiring woman. Every meal I make I strive to be like her and on behalf of myself and every one of my dinner guests in the future, I thank you Ome for your "magic hands" and your beautiful spirit.

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